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Josh Bach

Fashion Designer

20 or so years ago, I was living in New York working as an Art Director in Advertising. I was at a client meeting, not paying much attention, when I noticed how mundane all the neckties in the room were (including mine). I asked myself “Why so boring?” That thought stuck with me.

I soon started Josh Bach Neckwear out of my apartment in lower Manhattan. The goal was simple: give the necktie personality in a cool, understated kind of way. This was NOT a novelty tie…but a perfectly wearable necktie that stood for something…and had a pulse. I created my first eight patterns. Men loved my designs, women loved my designs for their men, and fashion and wardrobe stylist loved my designs for their clients. Soon my neckties were popping up on celebrities, in movies, TV shows, on politicians, reporters, anchormen, scientists, astronomers, mayors, governors and,quite simply, men that  wanted to be more expressive with their wardrobe choices.

Fast forward…Today, my designs are numerous and include something for everyone. I honestly feel that the necktie makes the man, and his outfit, complete. Even if you don’t wear a necktie to work, on those occasions when you do wear one, don’t be afraid to be expressive and make a statement. It’s perfectly fine to be the life of the party.