Bridge to Boats

Connecting the Brooklyn Bridge and the Waterfront

The historic Seaport district – New York City’s oldest – is truly a hidden gem. While the rest of Lower Manhattan has blossomed through rapid, cutting-edge development and strategic rebranding, the Old Seaport has retained its scale and charm, even amidst its own dramatic transformations. Over two years of rebuilding following the devastating destruction of Super Storm Sandy, the Old Seaport’s compelling character has been reaffirmed. But while its potential remains resolute, so, too, has the obstacle of neighborhood access.

Harnessing the community’s momentum and resilient spirit, the Old Seaport Alliance seeks to reconnect this important and alluring neighborhood to “everything else”. The OSA envisions its centerpiece to be an activated, programmed and lively Peck Slip, serving the community through events and markets, and as an ongoing anchor for the area’s residents, merchants, school children, workers, and visitors.

To connect Peck Slip and the neighborhood even more deeply, the OSA seeks to unite the old and the new, by linking and highlighting our area’s most prominent assets and creating a destination thoroughfare, flowing from the Brooklyn Bridge and its iconic walkway, through a bustling Peck Slip, along the East River Esplanade, and culminating at the Seaport Museum’s ships and piers.

Our “Bridge to Boats” project will be implemented through way finding signage, and through digital tours, made possible through partnerships with key Seaport stakeholders, including City agencies, local community and cultural organizations, real estate developers, and others.

Thanks to a generous grant from the New York City Department of Small Business Services, the Bridge to Boats project is underway, and we are planning for subsequent phases of this important work.