Marketing & Promotion

We love the Old Seaport!

The OSA’s mission is to promote our unique community and local businesses through increased programming of our public spaces with events, markets and more.

We promote our businesses and community through our website, printed materials, and social media. We’ve worked hard over the past three years to create a voice for the Old Seaport neighborhood, and, as an “Alliance”, continuously look for ways to work alongside our neighboring stakeholders, community members and elected officials on behalf of the community.

The Seaport’s resiliency is directly related to its connectivity, which is always at the heart of everything we do. Our vision for the Seaport is shared by many: We are proud of our independently owned shops and restaurants, our local schools, and our devoted residents. We wish to see the neighborhood retain its character and charm, while welcoming thoughtful progress and better use of its open, public spaces that reflect the needs of the growing community.

The message we like to convey is that the OSA is here to showcase everything about the neighborhood – its rich, storied past, its potential-filled and lovely present, and its bright, intriguing future.