Peck Slip

The Heart of the Old Seaport



Peck Slip sits in the heart of the Old Seaport, and provides an open, sky-filled space, surrounded by human-scaled historic buildings and views of the East River.

When the OSA was formed in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, Peck Slip was surrounded by construction fencing, and filled with building materials, debris, and large vehicles. It was not accessible to the public.

In the Spring of 2014, the OSA entered into a Plaza Partnership agreement with the City’s Department of Transportation. This partnership meant that Peck Slip would become a designated public plaza, and would receive tables and chairs, granite boulders and large evergreen planters. We are proud to have raised the necessary funding to purchase the general liability insurance policy that allows us to keep the space open for the use and enjoyment of the Seaport’s residents, workers, and visitors.

The OSA continues to beautify and maintain the plaza and park spaces in Peck Slip. As well as sponsor large scale art installations.