Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola Take the Crown in Strictly 2023

Alright, so the Strictly Come Dancing final this year? It was exactly what everyone had been talking about. Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola, snagged the top spot, and man, it was a night packed with killer moves, top-notch scores, and a ton of glitz. Picture this: confetti falling as they hoisted that glitter ball trophy. It was the perfect ending to an awesome series.

Ellie’s Journey to Victory

At the start, Ellie Leach wasn’t the hot favorite. But as the weeks flew by, this 22-year-old former Coronation Street star totally transformed. Her confidence shot through the roof, and she became this dynamo on the dance floor. She could rock ballroom and Latin dances like a pro. Trust me, she’s got a one-way ticket to the West End with that infectious joy she brings to every step.

Vito Coppola’s Winning Streak

Vito Coppola, a crowd favorite from last year, finally clinched the win after being the runner-up with Fleur East. His chemistry with Ellie? It was electric! And let’s not ignore the rumors about a possible romance between them. That only added to their already killer performances.

Emotional Wins and Heartfelt Shoutouts

Picture this heart-melting moment: Ellie dedicating her win to Vito, saying, “You’re crying more than me for once. So, this one’s for you.” And Vito? He couldn’t contain his pride, calling Ellie a diamond. The judges acknowledged her growth, saying she entered as a girl and left as a woman.

Record-Breaking Finale

This final drew in about 11 million viewers, making it the climax of an epic 21st series. While other reality shows might be losing their spark, Strictly Come Dancing remains that awesome pre-Christmas hype, competing with Advent calendars and all those festive ads.

Young Blood and Crazy Good Performances

This year, they had the youngest finalists ever—actors all in their twenties. Each of them performed three routines, including their fave from the series, the judges’ pick, and that highly anticipated showdance.

Ellie’s Consistency and Fan Love

Even though Ellie usually nailed it and had high scores all along, she somehow landed at the bottom of the judges’ scoreboard in the final. But you know what? Viewers had her back all the way. She never once had to face that dreaded dance-off.

Layton Williams’ Killer Run and Fan Preferences

Williams was aiming to make history as part of the first same-sex couple to win. The dude was off the charts, getting four perfect scores and ruling the leaderboard. But, you know, the crowd tends to prefer the underdog who grows over the weeks, and that might’ve played a role in how things turned out.

Bobby Brazier’s Emotional Ride

Young Bobby Brazier, at just 20, delivered some seriously emotional performances, especially dedicating one routine to his late mom, Jade Goody. He was smooth and charming, but the competition was so tough this year that snagging that win was a tough bet.

Beyond Scores, Real Stories

It wasn’t just about perfect scores and winners. Folks like Krishnan Guru-Murthy and Annabel Croft found some serious joy and confidence through dance. That’s what Strictly’s all about—a big dose of positivity, diversity, and a whole lot of team spirit.

The Grand Finale: Camp and Unforgettable

Picture this: the final night was a mash-up of all those memorable moments, from a group dance to appearances by Cher and Olly Alexander announcing the UK’s Eurovision rep.

In Conclusion: The Perfect Pre-Christmas Cheer

Bottom line? Strictly Come Dancing’s 21st series was all about transformations and pure spirit, giving us that perfect lift just before Christmas kicks in.